Rain Harvesting Systems

An Overview of Rain Harvesting Systems

Written by David McNair   

We offer services installing rain harvesting cistern systems in Hilton Head, Bluffton and the S.C. Low Country area.   These technologies have greatly advanced and will provide you with the ability to subsidize your landscaping sprinkler needs or your in-house flushing demands; today's green consumer understands the value of sustainability at the local home environment. Our experience with many of the planned communities in our area, and their design restrictions, provide us with the insight to install these systems in a way which will only enhance your property value.

The graph below assumes a collection area of 10 x 100 feet which can produce over 32,000 gallons of collectible quality water annually.  We can provide you with many options for collection including smaller hidden tanks in ARB approved service yards, or under decks, or larger buried tanks from 550 to 1000 gallons or more based on your collection areas and desires.  Options include collection of condensation from air-conditioning lines, water run-off from driveways, roof guttering, drainage swales, or pool deck drains.  If you have an existing drainage problem, or the need for gutters, solve 2 problems with 1 solution.  Consider rain harvesting!

Water Harvesting


Annual rainfall varies between Hilton Head and the Bluffton area, but the average annual rainfall for these areas can collect a substantial amount of quality water from a relatively small collection area as noted above.
Optional Systems range in price from simple drip systems at $1,500* to 115 volt 4.5 gallons/min and 40 psi pressure systems with larger storage capacities to $6,000**. Call us today for a consultation at (843) 681-9543.



Some storage systems available:
Round Cistern Larger Cistern







Also not pictured here: vertical storage systems which tend to work well in existing service yards, are 75 gallons each, have a vertical "foot print" of 20" x 24" x42 ", and can be placed in a series to increase storage capacity.

*Note: Pricing for service yard systems with landscape drip systems

**Note: Pricing for larger in ground systems including remote inside level monitoring, pressure pumps, catch basins, additional filtering, etc.

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