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Why Register on the Site?

Our Unique Website provides multiple levels of encrypted and enriched access.  As a prospective customer, you'ill be able to see many more "preferred" plans and photos, read expert advice as it relates to home maintenance, warranty information, and articles of interest. As a registered McNair customer you'll have an additional layer of secured access providing individualized pages, the ability to file on-line service requests, all of the above, and much more.

As a materials supplier, subcontractor, or other affiliate, and upon registration and approval you have special access to current plans in pricing, on-line applications for payment, lien releases, on-line customer service requests, applications for employment, on-line price submissions and more.  Sign up for approval today!

As a registered approved customer of McNair Building Construction, Inc. you will have access to many articles of interest including some relating to the following topics (and much more, especially in the "Home Maintenance Recommendations"):

  • Air Quality

  • Home Security Testing

  • Propane Gas

  • Wireless Home Security

  • Chinese Drywall Issues (Not in our Homes!)

  • National Drywall Notice of Quality

  • Owner Warranty and Maintenance Documents

  • Lack of Quality Air can make you sick

  • Cleaning your Exterior Stucco

  • Mold control and cleaning

  • Hurd Windows Glass Fogging and Failure

  • Hurd Warranties

  • Health and indoor air quality

  • Controlling Hilton Head & Low Country Bugs

  • Hot water circulating pump systems

  • Security Systems tests

  • Home air Filters

  • Home Air Purifiers

  • Home Air Protocol

  • Home Cleaners

  • Water Quality

  • Indoor air and Carbon Dioxide

  • Irrigation Water Restrictions (when in effect)

  • Home Dehumidification

  • Inspections for EIFS

  • EIFS and McNair History Overview


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