Foam vs Fiberglass

Considerations of Foam Insulation vs. Fiberglass

Icynene has been manufacturing foam for over 25 years. Many people think that one "foam" is just like any another "foam, not true. Some have low adhesion or problems of consistency during manufacturing, all must be applied in correct thickness otherwise they can perform poorly, some excessively shrink over time, installers must be certified and licensed with Icynene while others are "make-shift" installers of generic foams with no warranties of a large corporation, Icynene is VOC emission tested and approved and commonly used in Green Home construction.

Understanding Heat Loss Icynene spray foam insulation can save you up to 50% on energy cost while improving air quality by insulating and creating better barriers against air infiltration and creating insulated enclosures for semi conditioned mechanical areas in attics. Check with McNair Builders to understand the considerations of attic storage, mechanical equipment, building code considerations, and foam applications.

McNair Builders use licensed and certified insulators, but we don't stop there. We use high-tech equipment to insure that our insulators are installing correctly by monitoring the process while consistently performing quality control checks. Quality control during each stage of the home building process is of ultimate importance for systems to operate up to our McNair Built Home Standards.

Ventilation Evaluating the ROI and real monthly energy costs savings is what we do at McNair Builders while performing our Value Engineering Analysis. Each energy related option provided to our customers is evaluated in detail and considered and presented to our customers for their financial considerations. Many builders provide options, but we provide them for your Quality of Life considerations, and as they also relate to ROI and financial ramifications. Some ideas sound great, but they don’t necessarily make economic sense. Make sure to ask us about the details!


Open Cell Foam vs. Closed Cell Foam

Open Cell Foam:

Closed Cell Foam:


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